Thursday, 17 April 2014

I firmly believe that any wearable item can look good if styled properly. Are you up for the challange?

Today is the final day to get your amazing applications in to Mayfair Shopping Centre for the Stylist Challenge!
This could be you... Work with clients and develop an amazing wardrobe and create an image to make your clients look and feel their best. Book appointments for style sessions and assist with displays, fashion merchandising, fashion events and creative photo shoots. Be the voice of and manage engagement of @MayfairStyle on Twitter as well as develop Facebook posts and contribute fashion content and input to the Mayfair website and Facebook page. Plus, draft some inspirational blog posts on fashion and todays trends!
Sound like your dream job? Then don't miss out on this one in a lifetime opportunity and apply today!
Only six lucky and talented candidates will be chosen... Once the six candidates are chosen, they will be given different challenges and local judges will decide who doesn't quite have what it takes and who will be the fashionable victor!

The Judges
A panel of local fashion personalities, including the current Mayfair stylist and good friend Khloe Campbell (Stylist & owner of Amelia Lee Boutique), my friend Karen Elgersma (host on Go! Island, Shaw TV), the talented Iain Russell (co owner of Eng-lish Menswear) and finally, Tracey Drake (editor of NICHE Magazine) will judge the finalists styling.

The Challenges
Finalist Challenge #1: Blog Post and Bring Your Style to Life (May 8th)
In the open air, finalists will style two mannequins – one for a 18-25 year old look, one for 40-50 year old look. There will be one female and one male mannequin provided. This challenge will be carried out in front of customers, judges, and the general public.
This challenge will be live tweeted on the StyleFeed Victoria Twitter page and posted on the StyleFeed Victoria blog and Facebook page.
Finalist Challenge #2: 5 Minutes of Fame
Here’s your chance to shine for the big screen (well, LCD screens, anyway). In video interviews, each stylist will be asked a number of questions about their craft. Confidence, a solid understanding of your profession, and quick thinking will be critical here.
Finalist Challenge #3: Style a Client from Bridges for Women
Here is where style, personality, and the real world come together. Finalists must call their assigned client from Bridges for Women, make an appointment, and conduct the session as they normally would with a real client. You will have a budget of $500 to work within.
Ongoing Challenge: Social Media Skills
If you are to be the fashion voice and authority at Mayfair, this is an important challenge to do right! We want to see your Mayfair Stylist Search experience through your eyes, and how well you engage an audience in your journey. Using the hashtag #mayfairstylesearch, we will follow your story and enjoy the ride!
The Grand Finale: Search for the next Mayfair Stylist Event (May 22nd)
The fashion event will be open to the general public from 6pm – 8pm and will feature the finalists in a Style Lounge/Style Bar. Guests will be treated to red carpet photos, free manicures, make-up touch-ups, food and drinks. And then at 7pm: THE BIG REVEAL! Each Stylist will introduce their made-over Bridges client and speak to how and why they chose their new look. There will be a brief fashion presentation, hosted by local celebrity personalities from KOOL FM and CTV.
This challenge will be live tweeted on the StyleFeed Victoria Twitter page and posted on the StyleFeed Victoria blog and Facebook page.
Following the event, our judges will meet to discuss the winner who will be announced May 29th.

As They Say, April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Time Is Running Out To Apply To Be The Next Mayfair Stylist

 Do you love fashion and shopping? Do you have strong customer service skills and experience in retail sales? Do you dream in hashtags and love Instagram? If you enjoy working in a team environment, being creative, and helping people look and feel their best, then Mayfair wants you!
The first place candidate, winner of the Stylist Search will be awarded:
A $7,500 contract as a Mayfair Stylist, exposure to a new level of media and clientele, a position as the featured blogger and social media fashion voice for Mayfair,
styling input in a Mayfair seasonal look book photo shoot (for their portfolio), as well as $1000 in Mayfair Gift Cards to boost your own wardrobe!
There are only two days left to submit your style application to the Mayfair Shopping Centre's administration office for your chance to become Mayfair's next stylist! Only 6 applicants will be chosen! This is your chance to prove to Victoria that you have what it takes. Visit the Mayfair website and Facebook page for all the details. Xx