Sunday, 19 October 2014

Superfood Hero - Wheatgrass

I thought that wheatgrass was one of those things that only extreme health food junkies would drink. The few times that I have had wheatgrass in the past I nearly gagged from the taste. I would toss it back like I was doing a shot and then shudder at the bitter aftertaste. Could good health really be worth subjecting myself to such taste torment?

Wheatgrass belongs to a specific group of superfoods that are called super greens, and these mainly include the leafy green vegetables such as spinach, rocket, kale, chard, and broccoli. After reading further on all the added the health benifits and the fact that wheatgrass is super high in protein, fibre, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and can strengthen your immune system (mine has always been rather low), I found myself wanting to turn to this green juice once more. Not to mention that wheatgrass is extremely cleansing, detoxifying and provides an incredible boost in your energy levels! It's crazy to think that just one ounce of wheatgrass has the same nutritional value as 2.5 pounds of leafy green vegetables. Now, second time around, I have rediscovered wheatgrass and have found that I actually do not mind the taste! Just one ounce... I can handle that! Xx

Hot Right Now - It's Pumpkin Season

There's something about fall scents that instantly make you feel like you're at home, cozy, sitting by the fire or wrapped up in warm layers of comfort. From texturizing sprays, lotions and facial peels, pumpkin-infused beauty buys are all you need to get into the fall spirit! Here are a few beauty products inspired by this Autumn treat for you to try! Xx

Burt's Bees pumpkin spice lip balm,
available at most drug stores

Philosophy pumpkin shower gel,
available at Sephora Mayfair and

Scotch Polish in Wildflower,
available at The Green Kiss on Fort Street

pumpkin latte & marshmallow body lotion,
available at Bath and Body Works

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's hard to believe October is already halfway over. Good thing that Fall has an abundant of amazing colours trending this year to keep us stylish going into the Winter months ahead. This colour is my favorite! Call it burgundy, oxblood, crimson, cranberry, maroon... whatever you want, but this statement colour is hot! It's a perfect-for-fall colour as it looks sophisticated on everyone and goes with any hair colour. This weeks Friday Favorites feature this fabulous shade! Enjoy the weekend! Xx

favorite burgundy plaid shirt (and this whole look), Rails from
Suasion Boutique

favorite bag of the season (also, my new bag) Coach Colette Bag in crimson red,
available at the Coast store in Mayfair Centre and at

favorite shade, Bitter N' Twisted from Scotch Polish available at
The Green Kiss on Fort Street

favorite something for the guys, 34 Heritage Courage Fit Twill Jean in merlot, available at
Citizen Clothing for Men in Oak Bay