Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! There's no better way to celebrate the weekend than with friends, good treats and an amazing summer BBQ! Before I take off for some weekend fun, check out this weeks Friday Favorites! Xx

favorite sweet treat, found on

favorite summer flowers, The Potting Shed
at The Root Cellar
favorite thing to BBQ, chicken skewers

favorite summer drink, vodka mint limeade,
found on

My Top 5 Summer Beauty Questions Answered

As a blogger who is also a style and beauty lover, I am pretty easy to find and have been asked quite an array of questions about hair, make-up and the best tips for quick summer beauty fixes. Some of my good friends own local businesses, both in the salon and beauty departments. Today, I am here to answer my top 5 most asked beauty questions from advice friends have shared as well as tips and tricks from trying a few things myself. So without further ado, here are the beauty answers you are dying to know! Xx 

How should I apply cream bronzer?
I use my fingers. Your body heat has a melting effect on the cream, blending it seamlessly. Plus, no brush streaks are left behind.

When I use concealer, I find it settles into the lines around my eyes. How can I prevent this?
Use a primer. It fills creases so make-up stays propped up on the skins surface. 

Are there any supplements I can take to help my brittle nails grow?
Try Biotin and B12. These vitamins should increase thickness that will help and promote nail growth. 

Any tips to keep my blonde hair from getting too brassy in the summer?
Try cool - toned gloss on your hair. It will neutralize the yellow Ness and bring back lost pigments lost from shampooing and UV rays.

Would a self-tanner make any sort of difference on my already dark skin?
Look for self-tanners that are formulated specifically for deep skin tones. This way it will even out and enhance your skin. Want an extra oomph, body bronzer will make your skin extra luminous. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's official, summer is here and I hear that it's going to be hot! Are you ready for it? Beat the heat in style with my Friday Favorites featuring some fabulous summer finds from around town! Xx

favorite summer blazers, Lark + Sparrow Boutique

summer favorites from Joe Fresh found in July's InStyle Magazine

favorite new crossbody bag from Coach

favorite new summer shoe, H&M